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Lumber Wood Products Software and Inventory Software

Properly tracking and controlling lumber inventory can be a challenge for lumber wholesalers, distributors, lumber sales, manufacturers and producers if not done right. Lumbergear is a professional business management system that helps you run your business efficiently, access real-time information across the organization, and stay on top of lumber costs, thus allowing you to focus on your customers.

Lumbergear can also be used by hardwood lumber and distribution, wholesale lumber operations, kiln facilities, hardwood manufacturers, lumberyards, brokers, lumber sales, and sawmills. Regardless of whether you are stocking red oak, hard maple, dimensional lumber, or managing lumber dry kilns, Lumbergear can fill a need within your organization. 

The system comes with integrated software modules such as inventory management and costing, production management, analytics  that  allow you to effectively track your lumber inventory and costs, setup and maintain loads, generate purchase orders and sales orders,and view simple reports.

The advanced and flexible features of Lumbergear improve hardwood lumber operations and company sales, and help maintain wholesale lumber distribution, truck load sales, invoicing and order fulfillment, remanufacturing and processing of kiln dried or green lumber, and warehouse and lumberyard management. The system is affordable and features integrated reporting. Lumbergear integrates with accounting software systems like Peachtree Accounting.

Lumbergear provides you with prepackaged software that includes core modules such as inventory management and costing, production, analytics and others. If you looking for a system that will allow you to effectively track your lumber inventory and costs, setup and maintain loads, generate purchase orders and sales orders,and view simple reports, then Lumbergear may be for you.

  • Track Lumber by lengths and widths, and multiple units of measure.
  • Real-time gross to net conversion.
  • Track inventory straight through the drying process.
  • Track and breakdown lumber costs by different criteria (costs per mbf)
  • Generate sales orders, packing lists, and lumber tags.
  • Track sales commision by salesperson.


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Wholesale Lumber Manufacturing and Hardwood Distributors Lumbergear lumber inventory software offers wholesale lumber manufacturers and hardwood distributors a system that allows you to run your company operations efficiency by controlling inventory costs, yields, customer sales orders, purchase or...
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Tailored Solution Lumbergear was designed from the ground up in a real lumber working environment to better track and coordinate information for lumber companies. Lumbergear can also be further customized to suit the specific business needs of your Lumber Company. The system includes a core set of ...
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Powered by Amazon Web Services, Lumbergear Cloud provides real-time operation of the system to simulate real-life work processes such as creating inventory, maintaining board footage in gross or net unit of measure, generating sales orders, fulfilling orders, packing lists, bill of lading, and other...
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